Growing up, I was captivated by the special visual effects used in films such as The Dark Crystal and Blade Runner. I was fascinated with the ways in which fantastical worlds could come alive using visual magic, appearing so realistic and inviting that any sense of disbelief became suspended. I poured myself over behind-the-scenes books and documentaries to learn as much as possible about the craft, leading me to become the artist I am today.

Through my practice, I experiment with set design, photography, and other disciplines to construct my own fantastical worlds in response to places and stories that inspire me, as well as daydreams and memories that linger with me.

To create my worlds, I predominantly hand-build miniature-scale sets, often using processes such as moulding and casting. I then light and photograph these sets, transcending my imaginary creations into a visual reality. I also experiment with making cyanotypes, photographing landscapes, and creating 3D images using photogrammetry.

Through the craft of world-building, I strive to create immersive spaces through which people can temporarily step outside of reality. I am particularly interested in the ability of fantasy and fairy tales to inspire individual interpretations and associations. I aim to create works which depict magical, peaceful places where the imagination is encouraged to roam, creating experiences in which people can stop, wonder, and smile.

Photograph of Christian Jago

Awards and exhibitions


  • Selected as the winner of Fabrica's In Between Gallery Open Call
  • “Ephemeral Bloom” solo exhibition, New Art City
  • Selected as a winner of the Belfast Photo Festival 2023 open call, photo book category
  • Took part in the Camberwell Multiples Fair alongside Revolv Collective, Camberwell College of Arts London


  • “rivers, signals, mists” group exhibition with Collective 22, Brighton Photo Fringe, Phoenix Art Space
  • Featured in PhEST Festival, Monopoli, Italy
  • Revolv Award winner
  • Shortlisted for The Royal Photographic Society International Photography Exhibition 164
  • Shutter Hub YEARBOOK 2022 online exhibition
  • Summer Online Exhibition, Colchester Art Society
  • “By the Sea” group exhibition, Oasis, Frinton-on-Sea
  • Art for health & wellbeing group exhibition, Research & Development department, Northwick Park Hospital
  • “22” group exhibition, East Meets West, FORMAT 22 Presents, Derby


  • MA Photography Arts Degree Show, Ambika P3, University of Westminster
  • FOLIO Showcase, London Gallery West, University of Westminster
  • Highly commended by Genesis Imaging for the Shutter Hub YEARBOOK Awards
  • 2021 International College Photo & Film Exhibition, Incheon Open Port Hall, Incheon City
  • Selected for the East meets West Masterclass Programme 2021/22, GRAIN projects
  • Shortlisted for The Royal Photographic Society International Photography Exhibition 163
  • Shutter Hub Membership Bursary Award
  • Shutter Hub OPEN 20/21 London exhibition
  • BJP International Photography Awards Singles Show, Seen Fifteen


  • Single image winner in the International Photography Awards from the British Journal of Photography
  • Featured on the Photograd Online Gallery, November 2020
  • Selected as one of the 100 photographers for the Shutter Hub YEARBOOK 2020 publication
  • Shutter Hub YEARBOOK 2020 online exhibition
  • MA work-in-progress exhibition, London Gallery West, University of Westminster


  • Runner-up for the Stanley Kubrick photo competition run by Photofusion and The British Film Institute