Beyond the Mists

The distant land of Mag Ildathach, the Otherworld, is known throughout the universe as the realm of many colours. It exists in the space between worlds, accessible from any planet which harbours life. Only those with a steadfast heart can journey to it safely, for a thick enchanted mist protects it from unworthy souls. Enriched with powerful magic, this wondrous paradise is kept in perfect harmony by an ancient race of gods called the Tuatha Dé Dannan.

This sanctuary, inspired by where my grandparents lived in Southwest Ireland, draws upon references from my past and tales from Irish mythology. It reveals a peaceful space where magic and nature thrive.

“Christian Jago’s fantastical world offers transcendence to new plains and pure escapism from the everyday.”

Gabrielle Brooks, Genesis Imaging

Above: “The Shell Castle”

Above: “Dunquin”

Beyond the Mists: book
92 pages, 470 x 220mm
Created with help from Book Works.

Above: The language of Mag Ildathach, comprised of symbols and Ogham.

Installation and book images