Discovering Phantasia

The following images were captured during an expedition across the uncharted territories of Phantasia.

This strange place is believed to exist somewhere beyond the realm of our world. It can be accessed by means of hidden portals found inside caves and ancient forests, though the locations of these remains unclear.

The world is made up of four vast lands, each with their own unique ecosystems and environments. These are called Anord, Brionglóid, Eachtra and Mistéir.

Anord, known as the Land of Chaos, is a desolate expanse of active volcanoes and gigantic sand dunes. Life here is scarce, existing only in the form of microscopic creatures living in the molten-hot lava flows of Mount Solas. This place resembles the early stages of our own world, and is particularly sublime under the millions of stars which light up the night sky.

Brionglóid, the Land of Dreams, is at the heart of Phantasia and consists of endless jungles which surround a lush rainforest, and border a vibrant coral reef. This is the central hub for all life in Phantasia, and is where the cities of this world can be found. Reminiscent of ancient Mayan architecture, the futuristic buildings indicate a technologically advanced civilisation which has developed to coexist with nature. The underwater images of coral, taken at great depths, reveal an alien world which glows brightly beyond the reaches of sunlight.

Next on our journey into the unknown is Eachtra, the Land of Adventure. This treacherous, rocky landscape is riddled with an extensive network of caves which can only be accessed from the peak of Phantasia’s highest mountain, Mt Neamh. These caverns reveal a mysterious geology of multi-coloured rocks embedded with fossilised creatures. These specimens are likely to have existed here millions of years ago in an ancient ocean. Despite the challenging nature of this land, some civilisation does exist on the slopes of its mountains.

The last territory of this world, Mistéir, is a group of small islands located a short distance off the west coast of Eachtra. It is known as the Land of Mystery, and is quite unlike any other part of Phantasia. The largest island, located roughly at its centre, is covered in a valley of snowy peaks and glaciers. A storm constantly rages here, creating hurricane-force winds of up to 120mph. The smaller islands are made up of hundreds of ice bergs which glisten in an array of colours. The northern-most of these is shrouded in thick clouds which give it the appearance of floating.

The Phantasia expedition reveals a magical world which in many ways resembles the past, present, and potential future of our own.

Above: "Discovering Phantasia" photo book/zine

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