Chapter two: Athrú

Part of Ephemeral Bloom
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The Valley of Athrú is a distant, bountiful land defined by constant change. It was formed over millions of years, evolving from a landscape battered by meteorites, lightning and lava flows, to an idyllic sanctuary supporting a diverse ecosystem. Without developed civilisations, it moves in perfect synergy with the flow of nature and time, providing a space of balance and nurture for all life within it. 

Valleys are often perceived as safe havens - sheltered by mountains and hills, abundant with water and food. For me, Athrú represents the destination I have been searching for in my journey of healing, and my perception of nature - a force embodied by life that is shifting, surprising and reassuring.

The tides dance,
In an eternal rhythm,
While the sun shimmers upon the waters surface,
Like a curtain swaying in the breeze.

From boundless obscurity,
Devoid of light,
Emerges a blue paradise of vitalisation,
A poignant reminder,
That magic can thrive in darkness.

The valley may be veiled in shadow,
But it’s presence endures,
Let the radiance be your compass,
Guiding you through the night.

Lost in emerald,
I feel an inner awakening.

Embraced by gold,
I’m invincible, like a burning star.

Adrift in sapphire,
Might courses through my veins.

Engulfed by obsidian,
I sense a gradual slipping.

Installation images

Above: Screenshots from 3D exhibition in New Art City, 2023.

Above: Photographs from installation at Brighton Photo Fringe, 2022.