Ephemeral Bloom

View 3D exhibition in New Art City

This project is divided into six chapters:

1. The Storm

2. Athrú

3. Spring

4. Summer

5. Autumn

6. Winter

Project introduction

“Ephemeral Bloom” takes us on a journey of change through an imagined valley called Athrú. We witness how this space evolves over time, how it is affected by the seasons, and how natural processes contribute to its circle of life. The project is a reflection on nature and the lessons it has taught me about my mental health.

I started this work wanting to heal my internal struggles, looking for answers in the world around me. Nature is an inspiring and complex force, linking all life forms in a delicate equilibrium. It is defined by change, constantly adapting as the earth evolves, and has reminded me of my own growth and perseverance. Just as nature resiliently faces challenges, so too can I navigate the landscape of my mind.

By channelling my emotions and experiences into the idyllic image of a valley, my work reveals a nexus of life and colour, representing the sanctuary I find within nature. But as spaces shift and converge, a fragile and fleeting world is suggested, reflecting the temporality of our interconnected planet.

Nature is remarkable for the way it supports and sustains itself, and numerous studies show that connecting with it has profound benefits for our mental health. Recognising my place in its vast web has helped me to feel less alone with my struggles, reassuring me that I am part of something bigger. Consequently, my work has evolved into a personal space of refuge.

The story of Athrú is divided into seasons, both of nature and the mind. Seasons mirror a duality of constancy and mutability - as nature seasons, so does the mind, each evolution an echo of growth. The narrative of the seasons teach us to cherish moments of bliss, and remind us of the transient nature of struggles.

Learning about nature has helped me to understand the threat we pose to its rhythms and cycles. Our species’ inclination to control and contain often disturbs the natural symphony of change and nurturance within and around us. To prevent irreversible damage, we need to learn how to pause and retreat, both from ourselves and our planet. Athrú resembles a space where human interference does not exist, offering a window into a possible future.

Ultimately, nature has taught me to embrace change and to acknowledge the gradual process of healing. Connecting with it has reminded me of my responsibility to our symbiotic relationship. Embodied in a constellation of images, “Ephemeral Bloom” is both a personal memoir and a love letter to our shared world.

Above: Exhibition in New Art City, 2023.