Chapter four: Autumn

Part of Ephemeral Bloom
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With the arrival of autumn, the valley begins its gradual deceleration for the year. Trees, having absorbed energy from the summer sun, shed their crimson and golden leaves, returning nutrients to the soils below. Animals prepare to hibernate for the coming winter, foraging for building materials and collecting food reserves. In the rivers, salmon from the ocean battle against currents to ascend upstream, embarking on their final journey to bring new life. The days grow shorter, and the light changes, signalling nature’s coming slumber.

In literature, autumn has been aligned with a sense of melancholy, signifying the end of summer and the approach of winter. It is also a time of maturity, as crops are harvested and birds begin their migration. To me, this season harbours a sense of apprehension about what lies ahead. It is short, seeming to pass in an instant, allowing only a brief period to prepare my mind for the darker days. However, I’ve also taken many leaps of faith at this time, making it an important season for inner growth - a time for me to release the past and chart a new course.

As the sun sets low in the distant sky,
I float,
Free and peacefully,
In the aura of the enchanted wood.

Spirits call,
Guiding me through a wonderland,
A maze of golden branches.

Dew drops linger,
In a fleeting moment,
While leaves cascade with hues,
Uncovering hidden worlds.

This is the call of the forest,
A guide to peaceful harmony.

Above: Photographic prints submerged in resin, with alcohol inks.

Installation images

Above: Screenshots from 3D exhibition in New Art City, 2023.