Chapter three: Spring

Part of Ephemeral Bloom
View 3D exhibition in New Art City

Spring breathes waves of new life into Athrú. Flowers bloom, adorned with vivid colours, colliding in an effort to bathe in the sun. Trees awaken from their winter slumber, bearing fruits for animals, who fly and scutter eagerly in search of food. Cherry blossoms fill the air with sweet fragrances, delicately flourishing for a few short weeks. This is a time of nourishment, serenity and transience within the valley.

In many examples of literature, spring is associated as a time of love and new beginnings. It suggests a heavenly time for the world, when nature springs into life and days begin to extend. For me, it signifies a period of inner peace, a time when I feel hopeful for the future. The world appears alive with change, and the sun brings comforting warmth. It is my favourite time of year, and this project has reminded me to appreciate its fleeting beauty.

The light of spring extends its stay,
Evening’s warmth lingers, sun’s enchanting display.

A fiery globe dances on the horizon’s edge,
Amidst blue and green, I find solace, an inner pledge.

In moments like these, strength finds its source,
Days adorned with nature’s discourse.

Above: Photographic prints submerged in resin, with alcohol inks.

The sun is rising,
A new day is dawning,
Let’s chase the golden warmth together.

Installation images

Above: Screenshots from 3D exhibition in New Art City, 2023.

Above: Photograph of installation at Fabrica’s In Between Gallery space, 2024.