Chapter three: Summer

Part of Ephemeral Bloom
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As summer dawns on Athrú, warmth and sunlight permeates the land. Birds sing joyfully throughout the trees, while other creatures converge at rivers and streams to drink their cool, clear waters. Roses of every hue bloom in mass, attracting diligent bees to their nectar. With the days longer, the ecosystem teems with activity, as nature prepares for the coming seasons. And as the heat rises, storms gather high above forests, bringing vital rain and crashes of thunder - the sound of an intricate force providing for the land.

Summer is intrinsically linked to the element of fire, as the sun lingers higher and longer in the sky. It is often perceived as the season of leisure and adventure, a time when we step away from our responsibilities. For me, the season instills a quiet calm within my mind, allowing me to contemplate my challenges. It is also a time when I explore new spaces within nature, deepening my connection to its vast web. However, each year I am witnessing a changing summer, as temperatures and rainfall fluctuate, serving as a reminder of our threatened climate.

A distant bird calls,
Gently across the evening sky,
While the cool air reaches forward,
Surrounding me in its tender embrace.

It is almost silent,
And between calls, I can hear the rustle of leaves,
I’m immersed in a sea of green,
Gazing into the sprawling life.

My eyes are drawn to the graceful flowers,
Radiant pinks, purples, lilacs and blues,
And all at once, a connection dawns on me,
Binding me to the world that surrounds.

To the gentle flutter of wings,
To the comfort of summer’s embrace.

Within that fleeting instant,
Everything slips away,
And I’m lost in the moment.

Above: Photographic prints submerged in resin, with alcohol inks.

I hear the wind,
A soft summer breeze,
Waltzing through a field of gold.

Colours fall,
Slowly through the sky,
Like the sea retreating,
As an electric blaze ignites.

The cool air brushes my skin,
Guiding my steps,
Propelling me forward,
In sync with the world around me.

Familiar sounds sing to me,
Scenes once seen reappear.

They serve as a reminder,
Of my place in the here and now,
And the path I’m journeying upon.

Installation images

Above: Screenshots from 3D exhibition in New Art City, 2023.