Chapter four: Winter

Part of Ephemeral Bloom
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Athrú undergoes a profound transformation in winter. A thick blanket of snow morphs the land into an otherworldly realm. It appears still and empty, devoid of life, suspended in time. Days are short, and icy winds from the ocean make conditions unforgiving and challenging. But look closely, and all is not as it seems. Animals, asleep inside their hand-built homes, share warmth and companionship. Some remain awake, resilient against the cold, navigating the terrain with careful precision. Trees stand dormant but alive, drawing upon a vast subterranean network of energy. Dawn and dusk grace the skies with the year’s most vibrant hues, illuminating the frozen rivers and glittering snow with enchanting vitality. This season marks a phase of perseverance amidst silence, the culmination of the valley’s preparations.

Nature endures harsh, cold conditions during winter, and shorter days with less light. In literature, it has often symbolised feelings of sadness and trepidation, a period when life feels mentally demanding. However, it also serves as a time of natural retreat, offering an opportunity to bond with loved ones and reflect upon the year gone by. For me, winter invariably presents challenges, as my thoughts become entangled with apprehensions and anxieties. I often feel internally stagnated, unsure of the way forward.

Nevertheless, this project has shown me the resilience and beauty of nature during this season, instilling me with reassurance and hope that I can find clarity amidst the chaos. Ultimately, the seasons ebb and flow, a reminder of our ephemeral existence, teaching us to live in the present and gaze toward the future.

On most days, I fight against the current,
Ignoring the pull of the waves around me.

But sometimes, without thinking,
I let the water carry me,
And the great weight falls away.

I’m soaring towards the valley,
Untethered and free,
Embracing the flow, just as it should be.

Above: Photographic prints submerged in resin, with alcohol inks.

Unless you’re honest with yourself, you can’t move forward,
The seasons revolve in an endless dance,
Yet, nothing stays the same.

If you don’t break the cycles,
You’ll never change,
And the path ahead will become obscured.

There is sunshine waiting for you somewhere,
Just become the spirit of the wind,
And soar into the unknown.

Installation images

Above: Screenshots from 3D exhibition in New Art City, 2023.